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Viewing/Printing the Admissions Applicant Report


The report can be used to track the application details of an applicant. It can also be used to check missing items for incomplete applicants and to view their contact information. This report provides a list of applicants sorted by term, major, and level. for each applicant, the report lists thier email address, phone number, application checklist, and decision summary.

Follow these directions to print a report in BOE:


Note: Before you can log in to BOE, you may need to request and be granted access to BOE. See Requesting/Resetting Banner Access for more information.


  • Locate the Admissions category of reports from the menu. See Categories for more information.
  • From the Admissions category, locate and open the desired instance of the Admissions Applicant report. See Accessing Static Report Instances for more information.
Note: Instances of the Admissions Applicant report are filtered by term and college.


  • Use the BOE navigation tools to view specific report information. See Navigating a File for more information.
 Note: If desired, print the Admissions Applicant report. See Printing a Report for more information.