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GUIALTI - Searching by Social Security Number


Use the SSN/SIN Alternate ID form (GUIALTI) to search for a person using their social security number (SSN). You can reduce the number of search results or 'hits' by including additional search criteria. Other criteria you can include are the ID, last name, first name, middle name, and birth date.


Follow these directions to search for information in GUIALTI:


  • From the Banner Main menu, type the form name in the Go To... box press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.








  • The form is displayed. Type the Social Security Number in the SSN/SIN field.









  • Click the Execute Query button on the toolbar.
    Note: Use the Vertical and Horizontal scroll bars to view all of the information.







  • When you are finished, click the Exit button on the toolbar to return to the Banner Main menu.