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GUIMAIL - Viewing Letters Sent to a Student/Applicant


Use the Mail Query form (GUIMAIL) to view any letters sent to a student/applicant, including department letters and grades. If there is a date in the Print field, then that letter has been sent to the student/applicant.


Follow these directions to view information in GUIMAIL:

  • From the Banner Main menu, type the form name in the Go To... box press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.

















  • Click the Next Block button on the toolbar.






  • The first information block is populated with a list of correspondence sent to the student/applicant.
    Note: There are a four (4) key pieces of information:
    1. Term Field - This is the term the letter is referencing. Letters are term specific.
    2. Letter Field - The subject of the letter content (e.g., Admit Ltr to GR Degree Program).
    3. Initiated Field - When the letter information was entered into Banner.
    4. Printed Field - When the letter was printed.














    Note: Use the Vertical and Horizontal scroll bars to view all of the information.


  • When you are finished, click the Exit button on the toolbar to return to the Banner Main menu.