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SAAADMS - Viewing a Student Application

Use the Admissions Application form (SAAADMS) to view general information about the student/applicant's application, such as application date, college, degree, program, level and term.


Follow these directions to view information in SAAADMS:

  • From the Banner Main menu, type the form name in the Go To... box press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.









  • The form is displayed. If necessary, search for the person. See Searching for a Person by ID or Name for more information.
    Note: If necessary, navigate to the Term field and press the [Delete] key on the keyboard to clear out any term codes. If the Term field is left empty, Banner will display a complete list of the information. If a term code is in the Term field, Banner will display just the information pertaining to that term.













  • Click the Next Block button on the toolbar.






  • The Application tab is populated with application information.

    Note: The Application tab contains general information about the application. The Curricula and Field of Study Summary blocks display department and major codes to which the student has applied.
    Note: Use the Vertical and Horizontal scroll bars to view all of the information.


  • Click the Next Block button on the toolbar.






  • The Checklist Summary block is displayed.

    Note: The list of items in the Checklist Summary block will change depending on Admit Type, Student Type, and Program Type (Graduate or Undergraduate, includes curriculum information). It lists all mandatory and non-mandatory items that are required to review the application selected. Each row of the checklist represents a different item and each item may have the following information:

    1. Request: Code that is used to identify each individual checklist item.
    2. Description: Brief description of the code mentioned previously.
    3. Received: The date the item was received by EMU Admissions. Displays the date that the item was received by EMU Admissions. No date will be displayed unless the item was received.
    4. Item: Identifies the source if the checklist item is required from a specific source such as an institution.
    5. Item Description: Displays additional comments about the relevant checklist item (e.g. school name).
    6. Mandatory Indicator: If this field is checked, then the item is required for this application.
    7. Print Indicator: This is always checked and it indicates that this information will be printed in a follow up letter.
    Note: If you have access to AppXtender, from the Checklist Summary block, you can access a student/applicant's imaged transcripts, test scores, and applications. a) Click in the Admission Request field of the document you want to view. The selected document will be highlighted in yellow. b) Click the Banner Xtender Solutions button on the toolbar. AppXtender launches and displays the document. If the Document View page does not display, AppXtender for the Web may need to be installed. See AppXtender for the Web PC/MSIE Installation for more information. See AppXtender for the Web Overview for more information.


  • Click the Sources, Interests, Comments tab.
    Note: This block contains information about the last school attended and when this information was entered into Banner.
    1. Sources Block - Contains information about the last school a student attended.
    2. Primary Indicator Column - If checked, indicates which school a applicatant/student most recently attended.
    3. Interests Block - Contains information about a freshman's high school SAT and ACT test scores









  • When you are finished, click the Exit button on the toolbar to return to the Banner Main menu.