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SOAHSCH - Viewing High School Records for an Applicant


Use the High School Information form (SOAHSCH) to view a student/applicant's high school information.

Note: Only the most recent official high school transcript will be recorded in Banner (INB). Unofficial transcripts and previous official transcripts will be scanned and indexed in the imaging system, AppXtender for the Web, and may be queried and viewed there. See AppXtender for the Web Overview for more information.


Field High School Information Form - Information Block Description
High School Each US high school has a unique code. You can query high schools using the search, including some international schools.
High School Address Exists Checkbox will be checked if high school address(es) exists in Banner. Click on checkbox to view high school address(es).
EPS Code This field is not being utilized by EMU.
Gard Code If there is a date in this field, it indicates  when the student is expected to graduate from high school.
Transcript Date This field is the date the mist recent official high school transcript was received. Unofficial transcripts can be found in the imaging system, WebXtender. 
College Prep This field is not being utilized by EMU. 
GPA  Displays high school GPA from most recently received official transcript. For other GPAs a student has attended refer to the Applicant GPA Types form (SOAGPAT).
Admissions Request Each school has a unique code HST1, HST2, HST3 etc. that is used on the Admissions checklist and in the imaging system, WebXtender. 
Diploma Indicates the latest semester listed on the HS transcript. 
Class Rank/Size  This field is used if indicated on the HSTR.
Percentile This is automatically populated when the class rank/size is entered. 


Follow these directions to view information in SOAHSCH:

  • From the Banner Main menu, type the form name in the Go To... box press the [Enter] key on the keyboard.





















  • Click the Next Block button on the toolbar.






  • The first information block is populated with high school information.












Note: Use the Vertical and Horizontal scroll bars to view all of the information.


  • When you are finished, click the Exit button on the toolbar to return to the Banner Main menu.