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Viewing and Printing Imaged Documents

ApplicationXtender is a document imaging and storage system. There are several University departments, scanning paper documents into ApplicationXtender so that authorized University personnel can access these documents.

 Documentation: AppXtender Web QRG (Formerly WebXtender)


The benefits include:

    • Increased productivity - Easy and organized access to multi-departmental information, directly from your computer.
    • Cost and environmental savings - Saves on paper, physical storage space, and storage materials (e.g. boxes and file cabinets).
    • Data safety and security - Scanned documents are backed up regularly and are only accessible to those who have been authorized and hold the proper credentials (username and password).
Admissions Documents - Application Name: BS-ADMIN-BANNER-STUDENT-ADMISSIONS
    • High School and College Transcripts
    • Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Applications
    • Undergraduate Admissions Decision Forms
    • Graduate Re-enrollment Change Forms
    • Graduate Recommendation Forms
    • Personal Statements
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Test Scores
    • International (e.g., Visa, Financial, etc.) Documents

Follow these directions to view and print imaged documents in AppXtender for the Web:

Note: The Application Names are:
    • Records & Registration: B-S-ADMIN-BANNER-STUDENT COMMON
    • Academic Advising: B-S-BANNER STUDENT COMMON.