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Finding and Hiring Graduate Student Employees

Hiring Authorities are persons who have the budgetary authority to post a graduate assistant position, review applicant materials, interview applicants, prepare/submit hiring documentation (Personnel Action Form).

**Some departments/schools may choose to hire from within their pool of newly admitted graduate students. A list of these offices will be posted to the website. GA'S or Doc Fellows you hire.

Other open GA positions will be posted to EMUjobs through the www.emujobs.com website. There students will see the position, determine if they qualify, apply to the position, and upload additional employment materials such as resume, letters of reference, writing samples, or whatever the hiring office requires.

Post an open position at EMUjobs/hr.

Students, who are hired, MUST submit an I-9 form within the first three days of employment, providing documentation for employability and identity (e.g., visa, SSN card, ID card).

Students MUST go to their emich Student Support tab and select Criminal Background Check link. Click to agree to a background check.

Students MUST complete the Sexual Harassment Training and submit paper certificate of completion to the Graduate School.

This webpage offers the following information:

  • PowerPoint tutorial: Using PeopleAdmin to post GA positions.
  • PowerPoint tutorial: Using PeopleAdmin to review GA positions guest user.
  • Position Control Numbers:
    • For GA's by Org
    • For Doc Fellows by Org
  • GA Offer Letter (example) – with wording adjustments, may also be used for doc fellow hiring
  • Obligation Statement
  • Data Entry Form – used to post student information for ePAFs
  • Stipend Calculation for Special Rate – per pay amounts determined for ePAF
  • ePAF Steps for Hiring
  • ePAF posting for Work Study and "Minority" GA positions

Consult Payroll and Academic Calendars for posting dates for ePAFs.

Consult the ePAF training site to view glossary of terms and download other training materials.

Consult the HR Staff website for other forms such as I-9.

If you have questions, contact the Graduate School at 7-0042 or email us at: graduate_school@emich.edu.